Maps of Legend

I will be using this page to share maps of Legend and area within it that I have created for my games.


This map depicts the Known World of the Lands of Legend. I created it in order to have a map that could be printed at a large size for display purposes on a wall. The PDF versions below are designed to be printed at up to A2 size, and should still work at A1 size, if taking to a suitable printshop. I have made two versions of the map available (note these are quite large files):
Base Map of the Lands of Legend - a similar map to the one shown in the image above.

Map of the Lands of Legend incorporating national symbols - a version of the map that includes the Heraldic symbols for nations I have developed for use in my own games.

Note - Alternative Maps

Lee Barklam has also produced a map of Legend that you may prefer - if he had done his before I did mine, I might not have done mine, although I am quite proud of what I produced. But I would be remiss if I did not refer you to his maps at his website. He has also mapped areas that I am not yet ready to share my own maps of, and areas I may never map.

The Rathurbosk Bridge

One of my favourite locations in Legend is the Rathurbosk Bridge. The map below is based on the work of Dirk Remmecke and is adapted with his permission. A detailed description of the Rathurbosk developed for my own games can be found here.

The City of Ongus

I am currently preparing to run a new Dragon Warriors campaign set in Ongus, the Capital of Albion. The map below is getting close to completion, but still nees a bit more work.

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