The Great Library of Hiabuor - A Dragon Warriors Website

Welcome to the Great Library of Hiabuor, a repository of knowledge concerning the Lands of Legend, found on the Rathurbosk Bridge between Kurland and Krarth.

And a website devoted to the Dragon Warriors RPG, originally by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and published by Corgi Books in the 1980s, republished with some new material by Magnum Opus Press in 2008, and now in the hands of Serpent King Games, who will also be producing new material for Dragon Warriors as well as making existing material available.

This website is being put together by Shaun Hately. I have been roleplaying for over 30 years and playing Dragon Warriors for at least twenty five of those years. I've played and enjoyed many different RPGs, but Dragon Warriors is my favourite. Back in the mid 1990s, I set up an email discussion group devoted to the game, which has been on Yahoogroups since 1998, and which has recently been replaced by a more up-to-date forum. I also set up one of the earliest Dragon Warriors websites at that time at Geocities. A copy of that website is still online but it is definitely showing its age. With the revival of the game in 2008, I was asked to write a new Dragon Warriors adventure for Convention and Demonstration purposes, which I co-wrote with a friend named Mark Turner, and which was released as a free download by Magnum Opus Press, and for the moment this adventure, entitled, A Weak Pleasure is still available for download at the Magnum Opus website.

I was one of a number of contributors to the official Dragon Warriors supplement entitled Friends or Foes, a collection of NPCs that can be placed into a Dragon Warriors campaign if needed. This book is now available for purchase in both hard copy and PDF at Drive Thru RPG along with a number of the other Dragon Warriors books. The core rulebook is also available in traditional book form.

I have also contributed to the new Dragon Warriors Players Guide from Serpent King Games. This book adds three new professions to the Dragon Warriors game, along with a great deal of background information about the Lands of Legends, its institutions and groups. New rules for armour, weapons, horses, and a reprint of the information on demons and demonology originally published in the now, regrettably out of print, In From the Cold. The Dragon Warriors Players Guide is available for purchase at Drive Thru RPG in both traditional hardcopy book and PDF formats.

On a less official front, I am one of the authors of Cadaver Draconis, an unofficial supplement to the Dragon Warriors game that releases, free of charge, a large amount of material originally written for the Dragon Warriors Players Guide but which for various reasons did not make it into the final version of that book. In particular it provides a wide variety of different 'paths' for the traditional Dragon Warriors professions intended to give people more opportunities and options in playing a Dragon Warriors character. It can be downloaded here at this website.
The purpose of this website is to give me a place where I can share some of the - completely unofficial by a fan of the game - material I have written over the years for Dragon Warriors. If I am lucky and if I am good enough, I hope that I will get the chance to write more 'official' material for Serpent King Games, but I also have a mass of material, that is never going to be useful in that way.

Dragon Warriors has something special about it my opinion. I like the rules system - simple as it is - but for me, and I think for many other fans, the reason we love Dragon Warriors is because of the atmosphere that goes with it, with the Lands of Legend, and the sense of a coherent, accessible fantasy world. The world is, in many ways, standard western fantasy fare - but it hangs together in a way that feels very real.

I play other games, and I enjoy them - but if I had to choose one game alone to play, it would be Dragon Warriors.

I do not know how often this page will be updated. But it will be when I have something to share.

The Library

Cadaver Draconis - an unofficial fan supplement that makes use of much of the material that was originally written for the Dragon Warriors Players Guide but which did not make it into that final book, as well as some other new material.
Adventure scenarios - convention scenarios available for download
The City of Ongus - maps and a developing description of the capital city of Ongus.
The Rathurbosk Bridge - a detailed description of one of the many unusual places to be found in the Lands of Legend.
A Roll of Arms of the Lands of Legend - Heraldic symbolism of the major powers of the known world.
The Crooked Rooks - a shadowy community of thieves, rogues, and other diverse scoundrels.
Maps of Legend - a place where I will share maps I have produced for my games.
Dragon Warriors electronic character sheets designed for NBOS Character Sheet Designer.
A collection of useful files (including Character Sheets) rescued from the old DRAGWARS email forum.
Obsidian Portal page for my current 'Home' Dragon Warriors campaign, Domine Dirige Nos currently On Hiatus


Dragon Warriors' Related Links

Serpent King Games - current holders of the licence to produce Dragon Warriors material.
Dragon Warriors Discussion Forum - a bulletin board discusion forum devoted to the Dragon Warriors game and related material. This forum is replacing the long running Yahoo Discusion group.
Dave Morris' Dragon Warriors group at Facebook.
The newly established Dragon Warriors Discord server - rapidly turning into an excellent venue for games discussion.
Dragon Warriors Wiki - a great source of fan created material for the game, designed to be easy to use, for anybody to contribute. Any material I produce for this website can be put on the Wiki - I just wanted a place where I had control of the material I use in my own games as well.
The Cobwebbed Forest - a Dragon Warriors website with a lot of great material.
Ars Mysteriorum - Dragon Warrior's resources including some really useful Profession Reference sheets.
Wayne Imlach's Dragon Warriors page where he provides tweaks and house rules for his own games, that you may find add to yours.
Gary Johnson's FRPG page, which includes his modifications to Dragon Warriors rules.
The Wanderer's Rest - another page offering additional Dragon Warriors materials.
The Malgash - Resources for Dragon Warriors.
Red Ruin Publishing - newly established small press responsible for the new Dragon Warriors fanzine, Casket of Fays
Fabled Lands blog by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. Dave was one of the original two authors of Dragon Warriors and Jamie was co-author of the Blood Sword series of gamebooks set in the same world as Dragon Warriors as well as other projects they worked together on. The Fabled Land blog is named for the series of gamebooks they wrote together under that title, and more recent iPhone/iPad games based on the gamebooks, but the blog touches on their other work, including Dragon Warriors and Blood Sword on occasion.
Mirabilis - the Year of Wonders blog by Dave Morris.
Patreon site for Dave Morris new Lands of Legend/Dragon Warriors related game (in development) Jewelspider.
Patreon site for Jon Hodgson who produced a lot of the art for the current edition of Dragon Warriors and who is helping to provide art for Jewelspider.

General Gaming Links

Conquest - Melbourne's Easter Gaming convention. I try to run a Dragon Warriors game at this convention each year, and sometimes, I haven't been the only one.
Obsidian Portal - really useful website for managing RPG campaigns.
Profantasy - makers of the Campaign Cartographer software that I find so useful in my games for mapping purposes.
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